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Relationship Therapist & Executive Functioning Coach

Therapy Office

Founder of the RIPEN model of efficiency coaching and the QIK model of couples therapy, Zachary Alti serves as president, clinical director, and senior therapist of the Mental Hygienist private practice. Outside of private practice Zachary writes the Psychology Today series "The Mental Hygienist" and teaches as an adjunct professor at Fordham & Rutgers Universities.

Zachary works with clients in private equity, politics, tech, sports, and entertainment doing coaching and therapy for high performers and couples. He specializes in helping clients optimize their life satisfaction, wellbeing, performance, efficiency, and relationships through Central Nervous System integration, sustainable lifestyle calibration, and fast-paced, goal-driven  therapy/coaching sessions.



352 7th Ave #1001, New York, NY 10001, USA

(929) 269-2904

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